PRF Products

PRF stands for platelet rich fibrin. PRF is considered the second generation to platelet rich plasma (PRP). The Integrity team can help you find the RIGHT PRF product for your team. Contact one of our PRF specialists to find the correct product package for your office.


Our Integrity Centrifuge enables medical professionals with the technology needed to spin their patients blood for PRP and PRF treatments. 

Classic PRF Tube

The Integrity Classic PRF Tube is an all natural approach for many dental, aesthetic and hair restoration professionals.

Golden Eye

The Golden Eye mask is a results driven post-procedure application for in-patient or at home.

Micro Cannula

Microcannula injections have become more popular, offering a lot of benefits to both the injector and patient.

Hydracell+ Mask

The Integrity Hydracell+ Mask is a perfect post-procedure addition for many treatments.

Integrity AF

Many providers have turned to amniotic fluid, due to it's rich growth factors to help their clients reach their cosmetic goals.

BLT Numbing Cream

BLT numbing cream is a topical anesthetic cream to help with mild pain control.

PRF Treatment & Applications

Learn about the usages of  platelet rich fibrin (PRF) treatments and benefits.