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Aftercare Kit

Recovering from a PRP facial or micro needling procedure can be a delicate process, especially for sensitive skin. Our carefully curated Post-Procedure Skincare Bundle is specifically designed to address these concerns, providing a tailored solution to soothe, protect, and rejuvenate your skin after treatments.

Each product in the bundle – Sensitive Foaming Cleanser, Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF-30, and Hydracell+ Soothing Balm – has been meticulously chosen to ensure optimal results and a comfortable recovery process. With a focus on gentle, effective ingredients, this bundle aims to enhance your treatment results while nurturing your skin's health and well-being.

Aftercare Kit Includes

  • Sensitive Foaming Cleanser: Our gentle cleanser uses mild surfactants that effectively remove dirt and oil without causing irritation, making it perfect for sensitive skin. It also contains soothing agents that help to calm redness and inflammation, leaving your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and comfortable after every use.
  • Clear Facial Sunscreen SPF-30: Our Clear Facial Sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection with gentle mineral-based sunscreens, forming a physical barrier against UVA and UVB rays. This ensures consistent protection without irritating sensitive skin. The sunscreen is also photostable, maintaining its effectiveness when exposed to sunlight, so you can trust it to keep your skin safe throughout the day.
  • Hydracell+ Soothing Balm: Packed with skin-loving ingredients, our Hydracell+ Soothing Balm is designed to nurture and soothe your skin post-procedure. Its unique formula helps to reduce inflammation and promote faster recovery, while also supporting skin's elasticity and firmness, ensuring a smoother, more rejuvenated appearance.

Post Treatment Care

After undergoing a PRP or microneedling treatment, it is crucial to follow proper post treatment care to prevent negative side effects and skin irritation.

After at least 8 hours following a PRP or microneedling treatment, patients can wash their face with a gentle cleanser.

PRP and microneedling treatments can increase your skin's sensitivity to sunlight, making it more susceptible to sun damage. To minimize the risk of complications, it is essential to avoid direct sun exposure for at least 1 week following your treatment. To combat the damaging effects of the sun, the patient should apply a sunscreen with at least SPF-25 daily. 

Mild inflammation, redness, and swelling are to be expected in the days following a PRP or microneedling procedure. The Integrity Aftercare Kit is a convenient, all-in-one kit with products that are essential to promoting healing, amplifying benefits, and decreasing recovery time.

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Aftercare Frequently Asked Questions

What serums are best for post PRP treatments.

Serum antioxidants, including Vitamin C Serum, are recommended for PRP microneedling after care, as their properties are optimal in helping the wounded skin by reducing irritation. PRP microneedling aftercare may also include the incorporation of Hyaluronic Acid Serum, especially if the patient’s skin feels drier than normal following a Derma Pen treatment. HA Serum is a powerful hydrator and aids in restoring balance to the skin. 

How to get rid of bruising from PRP injections?

Bruising at the site of PRP injection is common and tends to clear entirely within 10 days. The use of Arnica during PRP injection aftercare accelerates this healing process. The Arnica in the Hydracell+ Mask  combines with other collagen-stimulating ingredients to soothe post-op irritation and bruising.