PRP Kit with Biotin

PRP Kit with Biotin

The Integrity PRP Kit with Biotin provides medical professionals all the components needed to perform a top-tier hair restoration treatment. Each kit comes with 2 15ml PRP Tubes and 1ml of Biotin to help your client in the fight against hair loss.

PRP Kit with Biotin Contents

  • 15mL Integrity Classic PRP Tube x 2pc
  • Spinal needle blunt type 18G x 1pc
  • Spinal needle blunt type 17G x 1pc
  • Disposable syringe Luer Lok 1ml x 1pc
  • Disposable syringe Luer Lok 10ml x 1pc
  • Single use holder x 1pc
  • Mesotherapy needles 31G x 2pc
  • Two-way stopcock x 1pc
  • Blood collecting needle 23g x 1pc
  • Biotin 1ml x 1pc

The Benefits of PRP with Biotin

PRP has become a popular treatment for hair restoration.  Biotin's ability to enhance the body's keratin infrastructure in order to stimulate and support follicle health while the PRP stimulates the follicles to move from a dormant stage to a growing stage.  Utilizing both Biotin and PRP at the same time ensures optimal hair restoration results.  This is why we include the Integrity PRP Kit with Biotin in the Integrity Hair Treatment kit.

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PRP Kit with Biotin Frequently Asked Questions

Can biotin help with hair growth?

Yes. Keratin, a basic protein that makes up your hair, needs biotin to be produced. Adding biotin to PRP injections increases your body’s keratin infrastructure, which translates into healthier and stronger hair. Combining PRP with Biotin, when applied directly to hair follicles, encourages them to grow new healthy and thick hair.

What is Biotin?

Biotin (vitamin B7) is an important part of enzymes in the body that helps break down substances like carbohydrates and fats and amino acids. Biotin is usually found in foods like bananas, milk and eggs. Symptoms of low biotin levels include thinning hair, scaly facial rash and brittle nails. Adding vitamin to your hair restoration treatments can greatly improve these symptoms.