Integrity PRF Starter Package

PRF Starter Package

It has never been easier to start offering PRF Therapy at your location.  Our PRF Starter Package includes all the equipment your practice needs to get going.  Platelet Rich Fibrin is an innovative option for dental applications, skin rejuvenations and hair restoration.

PRF Starter Package Contents

Popular PRF Treatments

Medical practices have adopted PRF across the industry for a number of different non-surgical procedures.  PRF has been implemented for dental implants, hair restoration, sports injuries, skin rejuvenation and more.

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PRF Frequently Asked Questions

Can my Integrity PRP Centrifuge work with PRF?

Yes.  The Integrity Centrifuge works for both our PRP and PRF tubes. Since our PRP and PRF tubes are both 15mL, the tubes fits in the centrifuge as expected.  The only thing you will need to do is change the settings on the centrifuge for the correct treatment.

What is the usual PRF injections recovery time?

Just like other treatments each patient can be different. On average someone may experience soreness, bruising and/or redness for 2-4 days following your treatment. This is normal as your cells are recovering and being activated.