derma pen replacement needles

Derma Pen Needle Replacement (Cartridges)

Integrity's microneedling replacement needles are specifically designed for use with the Derma Pen, but are also compatible with other microneedling devices. 

Needle replacement cartridges are available in three different sizes: 9, 12, and 36. Each needle is carefully crafted to provide a pain-free microneedling experience, while delivering impressive results.


Replacement Needle Cartridges

Replacement needles are available in 9, 12 and 36 needles.

Additional Information

Integrity's needle replacement cartridges are compatable with other derma pens and microneedling devices in the market.

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PRF Frequently Asked Questions

How offen can replacement needles be used for microneedling?

Do not use a Derma Pen Needle for more than one microneedling treatment. Derma Pen Needles are single-use to ensure there is no cross-contamination. 

Are 12 or 36 needles better for microneedling?

12 needle is effective and suitable for all skin concerns and is best used on the face. The smaller amount of needles means less pain for the face’s delicate skin.