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Butterfly Needle & Vacutainer Set

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Our Butterfly Needle and Vacutainer Set, ideal for standard PRP and PRF treatments, offers reliable, consistent results. It's a practical choice for healthcare providers to have as extras alongside our comprehensive kits.
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    Butterfly Needle & Vacutainer Set
    Butterfly Needle & Vacutainer Set

    • Using a Butterfly Needle

      For PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) preparation, gently grasp the "wings" of the butterfly needle between your index finger and thumb for enhanced precision. Introduce the needle at a slight angle into the vein until you observe a sufficient amount of blood entering the collection tube, which will be used to separate the plasma.

      Butterfly needles are only to be used once. Following the completion of the blood draw or PRP administration, safely cover the needle and dispose of the entire set in accordance with the biomedical waste regulations specific to your region.

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