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PRF Cooling Cup

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Elevate your PRF treatments with our Cooling Cup, an essential tool for maintaining the optimal temperature of PRF tubes during bio plasma procedures. It's a straightforward yet vital component for any practice offering regenerative therapies, ensuring consistent, high-quality patient outcomes.
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    PRF Cooling Cup

    • Key Benefits of the PRF Cooling Cup

      • Quality Preservation: Rapid cooling preserves platelet integrity, ensuring a high-quality PRF.
      • Consistency: Delivers uniform PRF preparations for predictable results.
      • Extended Workability: Slows fibrin polymerization, giving clinicians more time to work.
      • Healing Optimization: Maintains growth factors for improved tissue regeneration.
      • Ease of Use: Just plug it in—no complicated setup required.
      • Sterility and Safety: Easy to sterilize, enhancing patient safety.
      • Cost-Efficient: Reduces the need for additional treatments, saving money over time.
    • What is the PRF Cooling Cup used for?

      The PRF Cooling Cup is specifically designed for practitioners creating bio plasma gel utilizing PRF, particularly when using comprehensive starter kits and bundles. This cooling cup is a crucial component for those utilizing the Classic PRF Bio Filler Starter Package or The Ultimate PRP/PRF Starter Package. The cup's rapid cooling process is crucial as it helps to preserve the integrity of the platelets and fibrin, ensuring that the PRF remains potent. By using this cooling cup, professionals can maintain the highest standards of quality in their procedures.

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    PRF Cooling Cup FAQs

    What is the Integrity PRF Cooling Cup used for?

    The PRF cooling cup is a specialized tool used in PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin) Bio Plasma procedures. Its primary function is to cool the PRF rapidly. This rapid cooling process is crucial as it helps to preserve the integrity of the platelets and fibrin, ensuring that the PRF remains potent and effective when applied during the Bio Plasma procedure. By maintaining the PRF at an optimal temperature, the cooling cup enhances the overall success and efficacy of the treatment.

    What tubes do you use for PRF Treatments?

    For Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) procedures, we recommend using the Integrity PRF Tube. This tube is specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of PRF preparation. Here are some key specifications of the Integrity PRF Tube:

    • Volume: The tube has a capacity of 15mL, which is ideal for PRF applications.
    • Material: It is a crystal PRF tube, ensuring clarity and visibility of the contents.
    • Safety Standards: The tube is Pyrogen Free, ensuring that it does not contain substances that could cause fever or other adverse reactions when introduced to the body.
    • Sterilization: Each tube undergoes Triple Sterilization, a stringent process that guarantees the elimination of any viable microorganisms, ensuring the highest level of sterility for safe clinical use.