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Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream

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Patient comfort is an important aspect of your customer’s experience. While individuals have a different pain tolerance the Neuromed BLT Benzocaine 20%, Lidocaine 4%, Tetracaine 2% is a great solution to minimize the discomfort for injections, microneedling and other treatments. Each anesthetic is packaged separately in individual packets for a one-time topical use.

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    Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream
    Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream
    Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream
    Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream
    Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream

    • What is BLT Numbing Cream?

      BLT numbing cream is a topical anesthetic cream to help with mild pain control. BLT is broken into 3 main components, Benzocaine, Lidocaine and Tetracaine.

      Benzocaine- Rapid onset, short duration (fast acting). Frequently used anesthetic in many med spas, dermatology offices and dental settings. Is generally well tolerated by most patients.

      Lidocaine- Medium onset, medium duration. Another commonly used anesthetic that has an onset of approx 4 minutes.

      Tetracaine- Rapid onset, extended duration (long acting).

    • What treatments benefit most from BLT Numbing cream?

      • Lip Injections
      • Fillers
      • Microneedling
      • Hair Injections
      • The Babyface Treatment
      • Facial laser resurfacing
      • Before Tattoos and laser-assisted tattoo removals
    • BLT Numbing Cream Instructions

      Once opened, the remaining product not used must be thrown out. Clinicians are provided with the option of choosing the appropriate anesthetic commensurate with specific uses. Each single-use packet is a measured dose application to ensure dosing precision and waste minimization.

    Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream FAQs

    Can you buy BLT cream over the counter?

    Because our creams are packaged individually, and with appropriate concentrations, we can offer our BLT creams directly to clinicians without the need for a patient prescription. This allows clinicians to keep our BLT creams in-stock, rather than needing to order on a per-patient basis or getting numbing cream from a compounding pharmacy.

    What does BLT stand for in numbing cream?

    B- Benzocaine L- Lidocaine T-Tetracaine

    How long does BLT cream take to work?

    Our BLT packets are fast-acting and usually fully effective in 15 minutes. This speeds up your procedures and eases the anxiety of your patients.

    What is the best numbing cream for needles (or Microneedling)?

    BLT is the best numbing cream for microneedling and works great with our own microneedling device, theHydra Needle. It speeds up the microneedling procedure time while reducing your patient’s anxiety as they wait for the treatment to begin.