PRP & PRF Equipment

Our PRP and PRF specialists understand each medical spa, dermatologist, orthopedic or other medical office all share a common goal to deliver results for their patients. Our array of PRP and PRF equipment is carefully selected to help your team focus on your patients' success. Integrity strives to offer medical grade equipment that is high quality at a reasonable price point.
 Contact one of our specialists to find the correct equipment for your office.

Classic PRP Tube

Our 15mL crystal Integrity Classic PRP Tube allows providers the flexibility of their own process while delivering high quality results to their patients. 

Classic PRF Tube

The Integrity Classic PRF Tube is an all natural approach for many dental, aesthetic and hair restoration professionals.

Hydra Needle

The Integrity Hydra Needle has twenty 24k gold plated needles as well as a special technology to allow for maximum results for any microneedling procedure.


Our Integrity Centrifuge enables medical professionals with the technology needed to spin their patients blood for PRP and PRF treatments. 

Micro Cannula

Microcannula injections have become more popular, offering a lot of benefits to both the injector and patient.

Derma Pen

The Integrity Derma Pen is an automatic microneedling device that is used to treat skin imperfections.  

Can’t find what you need? Please contact our specialist and let us know how we can help.