Babyface Treatment (2)

Babyface Treatment

The Babyface Treatment by Integrity is a premium facial rejuvenation treatment utilized by many cosmetic professionals. Our kit is designed to provide aesthetic practitioners with all the tools needed to perform the latest in cutting-edge regenerative treatments. The Babyface Treatment leverages amniotic fluids natural proteins, nutrients and other growth factors to help your clients minimize fine lines, wrinkles, crows feet and other areas to reach their skin goals.

Babyface Treatment Kit Contents

Why The Babyface Treatment?

The Babyface Treatment Kit contains Integrity Amniotic Fluid. Integrity AF is composed of growth factors and cytokines associated with anti-inflammation, antimicrobial protection, and angiogenesis. When these growth factors and Pure HA are introduced to the skin, it initiates a response for soft tissue rejuvenation, resulting in visibly younger looking skin with little to no downtime.

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Babyface Treatment Testimonials

My face looks so much better is that possible that quick.

  • Patient

My skin looks so good. I am loving it.

  • Patient

Today’s patient said her Babyface Treatment was very comfortable and super relaxing.

  • Nurse Gaby