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Integrity Centrifuge

Integrity’s platelet-rich plasma centrifuge enables practices with the technology needed for the extraction of the plasma from the red blood cells. Our user-friendly centrifuge, equipped with digital display, allows doctors and nurse practitioners the ability to easily adjust the settings needed for their PRP or PRF treatments.

Centrifuge Features

  • Microprocessor control
  • Touch panel and digital display
  • Door lock safety feature
  • It is controlled by DC brushless frequency conversion electromotor with low-noise and vibration. It runs without carbon dust pollution, which can meet the requirements of lab.
  • Adopt special shock isolator for ideal effect of vibration damping, with the function of automatic balance.
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Centrifuge Frequently Asked Questions

What size tubes does the Integrity Centrifuge spin?

The Integrity Centrifuge spins 10mL-15mL PRP tubes.

Do I have to use the Integrity Centrifuge or will my current centrifuge work with Integrity PRP/PRF Tubes?

Integrity PRP/PRF Tubes will work with some centrifuges and are based on the make and model of the centrifuge, the angle of the rotor, as well as the min-max speed requirements. An Integrity PRP Specialist will be able to tell you which centrifuges work with our Integrity PRP System.

Where is the best place to install my centrifuge?

The centrifuge should be installed on a flat and solid platform. Keep a large free space around the two sides and back of centrifuge for heat dissipation for ventilation.

What should the working environment temperature be where the centrifuge is installed?

The working environment temperature where the centrifuge is located should be 50°F (10°C) to 95°F (35°C), and the relative humidity is no more than ≤85%.

What are the dimensions of your centrifuge?

The Integrity PRP Centrifuge is 11x8 in x 8 5/8 in x 6 7/8 in (WxDxH).