microcannula needles

Micro Cannula

Our micro cannula, also known as micro-cannula, are an excellent way to inject dermal fillers and PRP. They ensure that the filler is injected into the deeper layers of the skin while using one insertion point. These disposable micro cannulas have a blunt, flexible tip. This reduces the risk of bruising and swelling, making the procedure more comfortable for your patient.

Sizes: 25x38mm & 27x38mm
Qty: 25 per box

Why Use a Microcannula?

  1. Fewer entry points are needed
  2. Injectors have more control during the dermal filler injection
  3. They are compatible with most injectable fillers today and PRP
  4. Reduced post-procedure aftercare required

When to use a Micro Cannula?

Microcannulas are commonly used to inject fillers into the cheeks, lips, temples, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, hands, nose, and pre jowl areas

micro-cannula open box
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Microcannula Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between microcannulas vs. traditional needles?

Microcannulas and needles are similar in size, but instead of a sharp point at the end, the microcannulas have a rounded end with an opening on the side. They are flexible and bend with pressure while needles are rigid and pierce the skin and blood vessels.

How is the usage of a microcannula different from a regular needle injection?

A microcannula will still need a needle to make an entry point into the skin, but because of its blunt tip it will not break veins or arteries therefore producing far less bruising and swelling than a needle used for the sample purpose.

Benefits of using a blunt tip injection versus conventional needles that tend to be rigid?

Because of the blunt-tip and flexibility of the microcannulas, they are able to push blood vessels out of the way during injections. Therefore, they cause less trauma to blood vessels, which means less bleeding under the skin, therefore less bruising.

Usages for Micro Cannulas