Integrity Classic PRP Kit

The Integrity Classic PRP Kit is composed of sterile, disposable devices, transfer needles, transfer devices, blood collection sets and syringes, packed in a single-use blister. Our Integrity Classic PRP Kit specific technology allows for easy and rapid preparation of PRP with an optimal platelet recovery and functionality from a small volume of blood.

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Integrity Classic PRP Kit Contents

  • 15ml Integrity Classic PRP Tube x 2pc
  • Spinal needle blunt type 18G x 1pc
  • Spinal needle blunt type 17G x 1pc
  • Disposable syringe Luer Lok 1ml x 1pc
  • Disposable syringe Luer Lok 10ml x 1pc
  • Single use holder x 1pc
  • Mesotherapy needles 31G x 2pc
  • Two-way stopcock x 1pc
  • Blood collecting needle 23g x 1pc
  • Calcium Chloride 1ml x 1pc
PRP Kit components

Need a Centrifuge?

To achieve high quality results, we recommend the use of the Integrity Centrifuge with the Integrity Classic PRP Tubes and PRP Kits.

Already have a Centrifuge?

Our 15 ml PRP collection tubes work with many different popular centrifuges. If you are unsure, contact our PRP Specialists and let us know which centrifuge your practice is currently using. One of our Integrity PRP Specialists will review and get back to you.

Why Choose Our PRP Kit?

  • Crystal made tubes
  • Undergoes triple sterilization
  • Pyrogen free biocompatibility tested
  • CE, ISO and GMP Certified
  • 100% closed system to yield high prp concentration
  • 1.6 billion platelets in each kit
  • Single Spin System
  • every tube undergoes 23 hours of production time, 6 quality assurance tests, and 12 steps to production
  • 8 minutes to separate plasma
  • 12-16mL of PRP per kit
  • 85% Platelet Recovery
  • 6x baseline platelet concentration factor
  • 7 folds of PRP
  • average platelet counts of 1,237,000/ul
  • Contrary to some competitors’ devices, there is no platelet size selection. Thus, the larger and denser platelets, which are the richest in growth factors, are efficiently collected with our devices.
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PRP Kit Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Integrity PRP Tubes include a separation gel or anticoagulant?

Yes, the Integrity PRP Tubes include ACD-A and gel separator.

Does the Integrity PRP Kits come with an activator?

Yes, Integrity PRP Kits come with a 1ml vial of activator per kit (10% calcium chloride).

Who can use The Integrity PRP Kits?

Integrity PRP Kits can be used by a licensed medical provider for any type of PRP procedure.

How much PRP can I obtain per tube?

6-8mL of PRP can be obtained from each Integrity PRP Tube.

What is the shelf life for the Integrity PRP Kit?

2-year shelf life