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Platinum PRP Starter Package

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Our extensive PRP Starter Package, one of our largest, provides your clinic with advanced tools and skincare products essential for top-tier PRP treatments. With a comprehensive set of PRP kits, a precision centrifuge, hydra needles, hydracell+ masks, and serums, it offers everything needed to elevate patient care. Choose this broad-ranging PRP Starter Package for a seamless upgrade to your services, with the added benefit of cost-effectiveness in a larger-scale investment.

If you are not sure which package is the best for your facility, please contact one of our specialists to help answer your questions.

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    Platinum PRP Starter Package
    Platinum PRP Starter Package
    Platinum PRP Starter Package
    Platinum PRP Starter Package
    Platinum PRP Starter Package
    Platinum PRP Starter Package
    Platinum PRP Starter Package
    Platinum PRP Starter Package

    • Platinum Starter Package Contents

      • 10 Classic Integrity PRP Kits OR 10 PRP Kits with Biotin
      • 1 Integrity Centrifuge
      • 5 Integrity Hydra Needles (0.6mm, 1.0mm, or 1.5mm)
      • 5 Integrity Hydracell+ Masks
      • 1 Integrity Serum Trio (Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, and Retinol Serum)
      • 1 Integrity Balance Tube
      • 1 Integrity Tube Holder
      • 1 Tourniquet
      • 5 PRP Patient Brochures
    • What businesses would benefit from the Platinum PRP Starter Package?

      The Platinum PRP Starter Package is the perfect collection for professionals seeking to incorporate PRP therapy into their practice, encompassing a comprehensive range of tools and treatments necessary for a complete procedure. With its inclusion of innovative hydraneedles, a selection of potent serums tailored for PRP, and the exclusive post-procedure Hydracell+ mask, this package promises not only to enhance the patient experience but also to deliver optimal results. Versatile in its application, it is perfectly suited for an extensive array of medical and wellness environments—ranging from med spas, primary care, and hormone clinics to various specialized sectors including aesthetic, dental, and cosmetic surgery offices, as well as regenerative medicine and holistic wellness centers. This all-encompassing kit is designed to seamlessly integrate into any practice, ensuring that practitioners in virtually any field can offer top-tier PRP treatments with confidence and ease.

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    Getting Started with PRP FAQs

    What is the most comprehensive PRP package available for clinics looking to offer full-service PRP therapy?

    The most comprehensive PRP package we offer is the Integrity Platinum PRP Starter Package. Designed for clinics committed to providing a full spectrum of PRP therapies, this premium package includes everything needed to perform a variety of PRP procedures. With the Integrity Platinum PRP Starter Package, you'll receive 10 PRP kits, a state-of-the-art centrifuge, HydraCell+ masks for enhanced post-treatment care, Hydra Needles for precise application, and a serum trio to complement the regenerative process. It's our all-in-one solution tailored for practices aiming to deliver the highest standard of PRP therapy to their patients.

    How many PRP kits does the Integrity Platinum Starter Package offer?

    Our Platinum PRP Starter Package features two options: Option one includes 10 Classic PRP kits, each with two 15ml PRP tubes. Option two provides 10 PRP Biotin kits, each with two 15ml PRP tubes and a 1ml vial of biotin.

    Essential Training and Certification for PRP, PRF, and Microneedling Procedures: What Do Practitioners Need?

    PRP/PRF/Microneedling procedures can only be performed by a licensed medical provider (RN, NP, PA, or MD) and is subject to state medical laws. Training for each procedure that is being offered in your practice is highly recommended.

    We recommend Sylvia Silvestri at Beverly Hills RN for PRP and Microneedling training. Sylvia is a renowned expert in PRP and Microneedling techniques and offers comprehensive group training sessions. To learn more about the courses and how you can enroll, please visit Beverly Hills RN Group Training. This program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to confidently perform PRP procedures in your practice.